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You can put the stress behind, we will take care of every detail, from starting point to end of your trip in most affordable price range.

Why to choose Khushi Travels?

Easy process

We make your travelling process easy, from start to your doorstep to the end of the trip. We provide you entire package which include: Flights, cabs, sightseeing, hotels.

special offer

We are more designed for the travel freaks, who can easily search, compare and choose on the platform with just few clicks. You are just a click far from our special offer.

Vast network

We are affiliated with several international and national travel associations, which provide best fares, attractive deals, better price that suits your budgets and travel preferences.

quick access

You can book your next trip package, with our vast network and solid partnership with different companies. We ensure that our customer have access to a wide reach of options.

"Jet-Set Go: Experience Seamless Travel Planning with Us "

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    Unlock seamless booking from your door step to your destination: our trusted Travel Partner

    “I had a wonderful experience with Kushi Travel, they make my searching very easy, and enjoyable. I found the most affordable options for my trip. Thank you so much Kushi Travel, for making my trip planning easy”

    Rucha Sharma

    Happy customers

    “I have booked to a sudden trip with my friends, and I got so confused, that how I will manage all the things by myself. But then I find Khushi Travel, thanks to them they make my process so easy”

    sahil rao

    I can’t express my gratitude enough for their superb service. They went above and beyond to research my preferences and price range to find me the package. I felt valued as a customer because of the excellent personalised customer support. My go-to travel company is now Khushi Travels

    Rubi malhan

    Your life, Our answers

    Explore about travelling tours options and in addition receive a quote from us.


    Yes, we are one of the recognised Trip Advisors, provide services like planning each trip with care and aim to make your next trip more memorable and unforgettable.

    Yes, thanks for contacting us, we provide complete tour packages to international trip also that include:
    Air transport, Hotels/ Accommodation, Cabs, Meals, Sight Seeing, Tour guides, and as well as company trips. We also provide happy suits, wedding destination packages, Honeymoon packages, customise packages, etc.

    Yes, we proudly say that, we provide fantastic discounts with unique deals for our potential customers as well as our new customers. You can experience the ease and hassle-free experience of purchasing of your whole package through our desktop website. We also provide amazing deals, discounts, and rewards, to our customers

    Yes, we are pleased to assist you with planning a whole package for your wedding destination, family reunion, honeymoon package, or business trip. Simply contact us to start the procedure

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    "Find Affordable Gateways: Book Your Next Dream Vacation with Us!"


    Travel has become an integral part of our lives in the fast-paced world we live in today. Finding a trustworthy travel agency to handle your all essential, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. Khushi Travels stands out as a major player in the travel sector among the wide range of options available. Khushi Travels has established itself as a go-to travel advisor for trouble-free trip. Khushi Travel is a New Delhi-based travel management company that basically provides an end-to-end satisfaction to the customer. 

    Khushi travels is one of the recognised trip advisors, that cater to all over travel need from your luxurious family trips to your corporate trips. We provide a whole package in which everything is take care of our highly professional employees from flight, hotels, sight-seeing, cabs, and food, etc. Their main goal is to offer best services in the Indian tourism sector at reasonable prices. We are affiliated with several international and national travel associations, which help to make your trip memorable and unforgettable.

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      Khushi travels offers tours to the most exciting travel destinations like Dubai, the UK, London, Switzerland, the US, Paris, Venice, Denmark, and many more. We provide complete tour packages that include Air transport, Hotels/ Accommodation, Cabs, Meals, Sight Seeing, Tour guides, and as well as company trips.

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